Michael is an award winning Business Coach – He was European Coach of the Year for 4 of the 5 years at Action Coach

As well as being a successful and award winning business coach Michael has successfully created his own branded product line selling internationally online with a 7 figure turnover. Michael knows what it takes to be successful in business and guides business owners to what it takes to also be successful. Often times Business Coaches teach but don’t do it themselves but Michael has a proven track record to back him up.

Michael coaches throughout the World. He guides a wide variety of individuals and organisations through all stages of the coaching process from inception to completion. He has a particular skill in assessing the current reality of individuals and organisations and moving them through the action steps needed to build a viable, exciting future.

Michael chooses who he will work with. The size of the business is not as important as the type of individual you are. You need to be serious about your business and making the changes involved to reach some exciting goals.


As an executive coach, Michael works with senior leaders, top performers and high potentials enabling them to solve problems, make decisions, build high performance teams and achieve personal and organizational goals.

Representative people Michael has coached include:

CEO and Executive Leadership Team, Manufacturing Industry
CEO, Global Firm of Consulting Engineers
CEO and Program Director, Third Level Educational Organisation
COO, Large media group
Partner, Leading stock broking firm
Several senior managers of a multi-national Electrical & Lighting Group
Senior and high potential managers, Finance Company
Several mid-level managers at multiple organisations in various industries
A BDM for a US Multi-National Software Corporation
A coach to other business and executive coaches globally
Global Contracts Lead, US Multi-National Technology & Consultancy Corporation
Small business owners


Finally. A Recruitment Service from someone who knows about top performers.

As a Business Coach Michael knows what to look for in top performers and has designed his own recruitment process to deliver these candidates for a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiters.
Using his method you are guaranteed to find top talent who are capable, dedicated and anxious to build an empire within your company. Michael’s Recruitment Process is designed to determine a candidates ‘Heart & Spirit’ not just their education and background.
While his recruitment process is straightforward, it is also time consuming and emotionally demanding. Just one short cut and you don’t get the right person – a costly mistake. Not just costly in terms of recruitment, hiring and training costs, but also in lost opportunity as the mediocre candidate can lose you business and productivity.
In today’s economy, in any economy, you can’t afford to lose business, performance or productivity because of mediocrity in your team.
What you want from your team is top-notch performance.
What you want from your recruitment process is the same. That’s exactly what Michael offers – professional recruitment using a proven system.

As a Business Coach who has hired hundreds of team members for his clients, Michael knows:

  • What to look for, beyond the CV, beyond the interview
  • Where to advertise
  • How to screen for maximum results. What’s the real difference between great and superstar?
  • How to deliver the best candidate available in your market at any given time

No matter what type of professional you are seeking, they all have one thing in common; a rare balance of specific personality traits. Michael doesn’t hire just on education or backgrounds, he also hires based on a powerful set of psychological indicators. While most people seem good, only a few are truly great.


People development is a passion for Michael and he is able to guide others to overcome real and imagined obstacles to achievement.

He has a track record of helping highly intelligent and professionally expert clients become effective communicators and change agents within their organisations. Recognised as a skilled coach, Michael provides a safe yet challenging environment for clients to leverage and expand their strengths and leadership skills to excel in their organisations.

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