Michael is an award winning Business Coach – He was European Coach of the Year for 4 of the 5 years at Action Coach

As well as being a successful and award winning business coach Michael has successfully created his own branded product line selling internationally online with a 7 figure turnover. Michael knows what it takes to be successful in business and guides business owners to what it takes to also be successful. Often times Business Coaches teach but don’t do it themselves but Michael has a proven track record to back him up.

Michael coaches throughout the World. He guides a wide variety of individuals and organisations through all stages of the coaching process from inception to completion. He has a particular skill in assessing the current reality of individuals and organisations and moving them through the action steps needed to build a viable, exciting future.

Michael chooses who he will work with. The size of the business is not as important as the type of individual you are. You need to be serious about your business and making the changes involved to reach some exciting goals.



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