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Executive Coach

Michael, as an executive coach, specialises in empowering senior leaders, top performers, and high-potential individuals to excel in their roles and achieve their professional aspirations.

Michael's comprehensive coaching approach includes:

  1. Problem-Solving: Michael equips his clients with advanced critical thinking and analytical skills, enabling them to tackle complex challenges effectively. By fostering a proactive mindset, he helps them identify root causes, explore creative solutions, and implement effective strategies to overcome obstacles.
  2. Decision-Making: He guides leaders in making informed, strategic decisions that align with both their personal values and organisational objectives. Through a blend of scenario planning, risk assessment, and prioritisation techniques, Michael ensures his clients are prepared to make choices that drive long-term success.
  3. Team Building: Recognising the importance of cohesive and high-performing teams, Michael assists clients in fostering strong team dynamics. He focuses on enhancing communication, collaboration, and leadership skills, which are essential for building trust and driving collective success. His strategies include team assessments, conflict resolution, and leadership development programs.
  4. Goal Achievement: Michael supports his clients in setting and attaining both personal and organisational goals. By developing customised action plans, he ensures that these goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). His coaching involves continuous monitoring and adjustment of strategies to keep clients on track and motivated.
  5. Executive Career Coaching: In addition to the above, Michael provides specialised executive career coaching. He helps senior leaders and top performers navigate their career paths, identify opportunities for advancement, and make strategic career decisions. This includes personal branding, networking strategies, and preparation for high-stakes negotiations or transitions. Michael’s goal is to ensure his clients not only achieve their current career objectives but also position themselves for future growth and leadership roles.

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Through this holistic approach, Michael empowers his clients to enhance their performance, lead effectively, and achieve significant personal and professional milestones. His coaching fosters resilience, innovation, and a results-driven mindset, enabling clients to thrive in their careers and make impactful contributions to their organisations.

Representative people Michael has coached include:

  • CEO and Executive Leadership Team, Manufacturing Industry
  • CEO, Global Firm of Consulting Engineers
  • CEO and Program Director, Third Level Educational Organisation
  • COO, Large media group
  • Partner, Leading stock broking firm
  • Several senior managers of a multi-national Electrical & Lighting Group
  • Senior and high potential managers, Finance Company
  • Several mid-level managers at multiple organisations in various industries
  • A BDM for a US Multi-National Software Corporation
  • A coach to other business and executive coaches globally
  • Global Contracts Lead, US Multi-National Technology & Consultancy Corporation
  • Small business owners


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