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Recruitment Service

Finally. A Recruitment Service from someone who knows about top performers.

As a Business Coach Michael knows what to look for in top performers and has designed his own recruitment process to deliver these candidates for a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiters.
Using his method you are guaranteed to find top talent who are capable, dedicated and anxious to build an empire within your company. Michael’s Recruitment Process is designed to determine a candidates ‘Heart & Spirit’ not just their education and background.
While his recruitment process is straightforward, it is also time consuming and emotionally demanding. Just one short cut and you don’t get the right person – a costly mistake. Not just costly in terms of recruitment, hiring and training costs, but also in lost opportunity as the mediocre candidate can lose you business and productivity.
In today’s economy, in any economy, you can’t afford to lose business, performance or productivity because of mediocrity in your team.
What you want from your team is top-notch performance.
What you want from your recruitment process is the same. That’s exactly what Michael offers – professional recruitment using a proven system.

As a Business Coach who has hired hundreds of team members for his clients, Michael knows:

  • What to look for, beyond the CV, beyond the interview
  • Where to advertise
  • How to screen for maximum results. What’s the real difference between great and superstar?
  • How to deliver the best candidate available in your market at any given time

No matter what type of professional you are seeking, they all have one thing in common; a rare balance of specific personality traits. Michael doesn’t hire just on education or backgrounds, he also hires based on a powerful set of psychological indicators. While most people seem good, only a few are truly great.

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